The choir Oreya was founded by Alexander Vatsek  in 1986 as Municipal Choir and in four years has began to represent not only the Zhytomyr region, but also all Ukraine at the international competitions of choral singing. The Ukrainian flag rose up for 25 times - "Oreya" from Zhytomyr fought in a tense struggle the first place.

From 1993-2014 choir won "Grand Prix" for 9 times - at the International Choral Competitions in Spain, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. Once - in 2007 at Kiev National Chorus Competition names after Boris Liatoshynsky.

In 1997, the president of the Association of French choral Marcel Corneloup an interview to French radio, said: "Oreya one of four world's best choirs I have ever heard. And this is the best ambassador of Ukraine that I have met ... "

At the beginning of 2006, Zhytomyr city government has received several letters from the organizers of the XIV-th Christmas educational readings, held under the patronage of the Patriarch of Moscow and of All Russia Alexej II in Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation. One of these letters, the president of the International Festival of Orthodox Music Polyachenko George has written: "This team - really the best messenger of the Ukrainian choral art! Moscow is taken! It was a real triumph of the Ukrainian culture!"

In 2008 the French art expert council of "Pollifoliya" has selected "Oreya" among the 12 best professional ensembles of the world! .. along with the Music Academy of Stockholm to Tokyo, Helsinki, Brussels ... And Zhytomyr choir had a great success!

In August 2009 "Oreya" "opened" a new continent, first among all creative teams of  Zhytomyr region had been officially invited to participate in the International festival of choral music to the South Korean city of Incheon (4.5mln.).

The organizers' wish was so great that they violated their budgetary rules and paid airline tickets for "Oreya"!The European continent was represented by male quintet "Amarcord" from Germany and Camber Choir from Zhytomyr!

"Oreya" had a great success in South Korea. Fans attacked a whole week our singers to take autographs and take pictures. Kelly Park, artistic director of the festival, after the performance of "Oreya" under the direction of Alexander Vatsek said: "... "Oreya" is the Ambassador of Ukraine to the best of all time, and the Zhytomyr choir brought us the new world standard of choral music!"

In May 2010 choir was a member of "Musica Sacra International Festival" - the prestigious World Festival of Sacred Music in Marktoberdorf. "Oreya was the only Eastern Europe, which introduced Orthodoxy. At the same stage of the Music Academy, where sang "Oreya", were Yuri Bashmet, Mikhail Pletnev with a German orchestra and other artists worldwide recognition. In Marktoberdorff gathered the best choirs, ensembles and soloists from all over the world who were the real cultural ambassadors of their countries and religions - Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy). "Oreya" had the honor to perform at Freising - Dom  -  huge church near Munich - where was the last place serving current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.

As the President of the festival Gustav Adolf Rabus said: “Oreya, Ukrainian choir Zhytomyr was a very good choir in the Festival and a big attraction to the public..”.

Ukraine, as data for BBC, is the world's 162 (of 183) place, 85 for their intellectual potential. 43 for economic development in Europe (with 43).

"Oreya" on the present day is one of the most original choral ensembles of the world, which, over the past 17 years, consistently has a high international rating!