I want to hear this fantastic choir again!

Will you have a concert in Germany in 2010?

Thank You for answering!



Saturday, 05 December 2009

Kamil Žvak: Stále v srdci

Milý pane Vacku, Vaše hudba je opravdu Božská; zážitek před 3mi (nebo už i více?) roky v Praze mám furt v uších... Nikdy jsem nezažil NIC hudebně silnějšího a pravdivějšího, změnilo mě to! Snad zase brzy zavítáte do ČR, těším se  Wink

Srdečně Vás objímám a zdravím, Kamil


PS: www Oreya jsou mňam, Vali bravo Tongue out

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Kelley Park: Great thanks to you !

Dear Maestro Alexander


It is very hard to find appropriate words how much I heartily appreciate you.


As a inviter of 2009 Incheon International Choir Festival, I am much proud of you and Oreya Choir.

By wonderful concerts which you have performed, all of audiences could have received deep impression and happinesses.

Your performance at 2009 Incheon International Choir Festival was marvelous, thrilling, and inspiring.

It set a new standard of performance for us all.


I believe you all returned well and could have some rest.

As you could stay just only a few days, I am afraid that you could not enjoy enough in Korea.

  Please convey my deepest appreciation to your singers and I will never forget your kindness and passion for music.  Thank you so very much for a concert that helped to advance the deep friendship between our two counties. You and your singers are very powerful ambassadors for Ukraine. I look forward to seeing you soon again. With the greatest admiration. Kelley Park

Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Veronika: Brno

Brno would like to prepair another concert(s) for Oreya! Smile

The only one question is the date. Please, remember this fact and contact me with every possibility to come! Thank you! Wink

Have a good time full of your great music!! Kiss

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Martin Maden: What a great Choir..!

I saw and heard the choir perform at the local church in the small village of Meyenburg, Schwanewede, Germany in 2007 and was quite impressed and touched by your performances.

Thank you for such a priviledge.

 Best Wishes,


Thursday, 23 July 2009

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