President of the Association of French choral Marcel Corneloup an interview to French radio: "Oreya is one of four world's best choirs I have ever heard. And this is the best ambassador of Ukraine that I have met ... "

President of the International Festival of Orthodox Music Polyachenko George: "This team - really the best messenger of the Ukrainian choral art! Moscow is taken! It was a real triumph of the Ukrainian culture!"

Kelly Park, artistic director of the South Korea festival: "Oreya is the Ambassador of Ukraine to the best of all time, and the Zhytomyr choir brought us the new world standard of choral music!"

President of the Musica Sacra International Festival Gustav Adolf Rabus: "Oreya, Ukrainian choir Zhytomyr was a very good choir in the Festival and a big attraction to the public."

Jacques Vanerle, one of the greatest choral world leaders, said about Oreya: "I heard you 4 concerts and 4 times your Kirie (Kirie by Part Uusberg) struck me more and more. Every time something new .. I think .. Oreya now - is  the most meaningful, most impressive choir in Europe -.. and  added after little thinking - "no, in the world!"